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  • Anime: Wolf Girl and Black Prince
    • Japanese Ookami Shoujo lớn Kuro Ouji

      Ōkami Shōjo lớn Kuro Ōji

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      TV-Series, 12 (~)


      05.10.năm trước ‑ 21.12.2014



    • English Wolf Girl and Black Prince


      05.10.năm trước ‑ 21.12.2014

    • German Wolf Girl & Black Prince


      31.03.2017 ‑ 28.07.2017

    • Spanish Ookami Shoujo lớn Kuro Ouji


      05.10.năm trước ‑ 21.12.2014

    • French Wolf Girl and Black Prince


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      10.năm trước ‑ 12.2014

    • Italian Wolf Girl & Black Prince


      10.10.năm trước ‑ 25.12.2014

    • Wolf Girl & Black Prince


High school student Erika Shinohara gets along well with her two friends Marin Tachibana and Aki Tezuka. The two girls are happily engaged and Erika thinks she will be left out if she doesn’t have a boyfriend, sánh she pretends she is also taken. However, one day when she overhears a conversation between Marin and Aki about Erika’s boyfriend, who is still unknown lớn them, and they emphasise that they doubt his existence, Erika panics and snaps a photo of an unknown pretty boy in town. At school she proudly shows the photo lớn her friends, only the boy looks very familiar lớn them; he goes lớn the parallel class. Erika tells him about the mistake she made and he decides lớn help her and pretend lớn be her boyfriend – but only on one condition …

Source: 4travel.edu.vn/anime/9621

Die Oberschülerin Erika Shinohara versteht sich gut mit ihren beiden Freundinnen Marin Tachibana und Aki Tezuka. Die beiden Mädchen sind glücklich vergeben und Erika denkt, sie würde ausgeschlossen werden, wenn sie keinen Freund hat, und sánh gibt sie vor, sie sei ebenfalls vergeben. Als sie eines Tages jedoch ein Gespräch von Marin und Aki mitbekommt, in dem es um den ihnen noch unbekannten Freund Erikas geht, und sie betonen, dass sie an seiner Existenz zweifeln, gerät Erika in Panik und schießt in der Stadt ein Foto von einem unbekannten Hübschling. In der Schule zeigt sie ihren Freundinnen stolz das Foto, nur kommt ihnen der Junge sehr bekannt vor; er geht in die Parallelklasse. Erika erzählt ihm von dem Fehler, den sie begangen hat, und er beschließt, ihr zu helfen und vorzugeben, ihr Freund zu sein – jedoch nur unter einer Bedingung …

Quelle: www.anisearch.de/anime/9621

Main genres / Subsidiary Genres / Tags

  • Romantic ComedyA cheerful and mostly comical love story.">Romantic Comedy
  • ComedyIs supposed lớn make the audience laugh.">Comedy
  • RomanceDeals with romantic relationships between the protagonists.">Romance
  • Slice of LifeThis title giao dịch with the steady and ordinary daily life of its protagonists.">Slice of Life
  • Heroine of Weak CharacterWhiny, submissive heroine with little lớn no self-confidence.">Heroine of Weak Character
  • High SchoolThe setting is a (Japanese) high school (from class 10 lớn 12 in Japan).">High School
  • PresentThe story takes place in the present time. Specifically the time between World War II and nowadays.">Present
  • Reluctant HeroMale protagonist was pushed into a hero’s role and is not nội dung with it.">Reluctant Hero
  • SchoolThe plot focuses solely on school life and the activities this involves.">School
  • Verbal ComedyComedy which is based on humorous dialogues.">Verbal Comedy



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